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Aptos joins the Web3 phone business after Solana’s success

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Blockchain developer Aptos Labs has partnered with Jambo, an African technology firm, to launch a Web3-enabled phone named “JamboPhone.” 

The JamboPhone, which targets customers in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, is priced at US$99 and is now available in over 40 countries, according to a press release.

The phone comes with a pre-installed blockchain wallet for Aptos, a layer-1 blockchain and the Jambo App, an information platform that includes educational content on Web3 applications such as decentralized finance and gaming. 

Aptos’ cryptocurrency (APT) dropped 6.1% in the past 24 hours to US$9.81, according to CoinGecko data. 

Aptos and Jambo’s announcement comes during Solana’s second mobile phone campaign. 

Solana, the blockchain whose native token SOL currently ranks as fifth fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, recently raised US$45 million after its second smartphone model crossed 100,00 pre-orders. 

Saga, Solana’s first phone that was designed to provide a seamless interface for cryptocurrency transactions and decentralized applications, was initially criticized for its US$1,000 price tag. However, Saga owners were compensated with complementary crypto assets, including ones that were later airdropped.

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