Double Rewards on Short Trips This Week in GTA Online

Double Rewards on Short Trips This Week in GTA Online

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All those that dive into Rockstar Games’ GTA Online this week can get themselves Double Rewards on Short Trips, along with a number of other perks.

In addition to this perk, players can also get themselves Triple GTA$ and RP on Hunting Pack (Remix).

When it comes to freebies, players can get themselves three Day of the Dead Masks for playing this week: the Royal Calaca Mask, Romance Calaca Mask, and the Floral Calaca Mask. One can also get themselves a free Orange DJ Pooh Tee for logging in.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom Vehicles this week include the Pfister Astron (SUV), Nagasaki Shinobi (Motorcycle), Declasse Granger 3600LX (SUV), Western Reever (Motorcycle, 40% off), and Obey I-Wagen (SUV). Meanwhile, Luxury Autos Showroom Vehicles include the Enus Jubilee (SUV) and Dewbauchee Champion (Super).

LS Car Meet Test Rides this week include the Schyster Fusilade (Sports), Ocelot Jackal (Coupe), and Coil Voltic (Super, 50% off). For those that place in the top four in the LS Car Meet Series two days in a row this week can get themselves the Gallivanter Baller ST (SUV).

Make sure to give the Lucky Wheel a spin this week too. This week’s Top Prize is the Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec (Off-Road).

For those playing GTA Online on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the HSW Premium Test Ride for the week is the Coil Cyclone II (Super). Meanwhile, this week’s HSW Time Trial takes place between Ron Alternates and Elysian Island.

Discount-wise, players can get themselves 40% off Agency Properties and the Agency Vehicle Workshop. This is on top of 30% off Imani Tech Upgrades. This week’s Gun Van discounts also include 20% off grenades.

Meanwhile, vehicle discounts include 30% off the Penaud La Coureuse (Sports), 40% off the Western Reever (Motorcycle), Dewbauchee Champion (Super), and Enus Jubilee (SUV), 50% off the Bravado Youga Classic (Van) and Coil Voltic (Super).

Finally, GTA+ Members can get themselves a dree Albany Brigham, Love Fist livery, Monochrome Striped Suit, Skeleton Bodysuit, PRB Tee, PRB Shorts, and PRB Hoodie. Also included this week are Double Rewards on Halloween Deathmatches and 40% off all Alien Weapons at the Gun Van.

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