LinkedIn launches an AI chatbot to coach people on getting a new job

LinkedIn launches an AI chatbot to coach people on getting a new job

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Microsoft Corp.-owned LinkedIn today announced it’s rolling out a new artificial intelligence chatbot that will assist users in getting their next job.

LinkedIn said it will act as a “job seeker coach” among other AI-powered tools for its premium members. The new feature is powered by GPT-4, the same generative AI large language model that underlies OpenAI LP’s chatbot ChatGPT, which uses LinkedIn’s vast knowledge base of data of more than 67 million employers.

According to the company, the platform has now attracted more than 1 billion professionals. With these new tools, it’s looking to expand its investments in AI features to assist them.

The company has been experimenting with AI features for paying members over the past year, beginning with the ability to use generative AI to write better profiles and job postings. LinkedIn then moved on to helping hiring managers seek out potential hires using a chatbot interface that provides a conversational search and an employee training tool that allows users to ask natural language questions about their jobs.

The new AI feature aims to help users understand if a potential job application is worth their time by comparing it to their own skills and resources posted on their profile. It does so by providing an AI summarization feature alongside each post. Applicants can quickly understand if they’re a fit for the role, highlight where they’re strong and where they might be weak, and provide tips on how to improve their chances of getting hired.

From there, the bot will provide users a chance to ask follow-up questions such as “Am I a good fit for this job?” or “How can I better position myself for this job?” This is part of what LinkedIn calls the “coaching experience,” which gives job seekers where job seekers can employ the chatbot to delve into the powerful interface and use the tool to get recommendations that will help them improve.

The user can also ask who works at the job to discover other employees, which can give them a chance to send a message about the job opportunity. The platform can further search through the job applicant’s network and suggest people who might provide information or contacts that could provide a leg up in the application process. The generative AI chatbot will even assist in drafting the query letter to potential contacts.

LinkedIn is seeking to build up its use of AI amid slowed revenue momentum that led the company to lay off nearly 700 workers in mid-October. The generative AI rush is currently a mainstay for social networking and professional services companies and an attractive tool for paying users. The company may be hoping to turn around its revenue growth by capitalizing on the popularity and use of these tools to add value for users on the platform.

The company said the experience will be rolled out to a select group of LinkedIn premium subscribers starting today at no additional cost. Users can try out LinkedIn Premium for one month for free or subscribe to LinkedIn Career Premium for $39.99 per month.

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