Sengoku Dynasty Farming Update Coming November 7

Sengoku Dynasty Farming Update Coming November 7

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Developer Superkami and publisher Toplitz Productions announced that the first stage of Sengoku Dynasty’s Farming Update will come out on November 7.

This update to Sengoku Dynasty brings with it an agricultural aspect that introduces crop cultivation and ways to manage the land. A player-focused update, this will be part of a series that includes farming and dynasty management integration in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, players can plant crops like millet, garlic, leeks, parsley, wasabi and turnips. A number of tools can help ease the workload, such as farming hoe, seed bag and watering bucket. One can also create land and water fields, including rice terraces.Note that a new farming structure – the composting station – can create fertilizer from rot.

Also included as part of this update is the village of Aratani, where rice farming is a communal affair. Note that this tight-knit community provides a new narrative with interactions with NPC characters and traders.

Learn more with the teaser trailer below:

Sengoku Dynasty – Farming Update Teaser

Note that Superkami has been implementing quality of life improvements since the August launch. These include enhancements to the game’s U.I., player resource management system, and RAM and CPU optimization.

All those interested can pick up the title on the official Steam page.

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