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RoboCop: Rogue City Side Quests (Secondary Objectives) Guide

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Stolen Vehicle
Head to the garage North of Towbridge Street to get this side quest. Head to the car shop and speak with Ben, use the Psychology 2 choice to gain his trust and search the locker, then look for Scott. Head into the chop shop, speak with Scott, and kill all the enemies. Head to the next Chop Shop and RoboCop the hell out of it. There is a safe inside but you need Deduction 2 to get the clue. It’s in one of the rooms on the front of a locker. After you speak with Scott if you choose to arrest him you get Law points, otherwise you get Public points.

Who Killed Casey Carmel?
You can start this side quest by going to Detroit Riverwalk, in the North West corner of the area. Speak with the police officer by the car. This one is quite simple. Inspect the head, foot, and arm of the victim and then use the Robo Vision to scan the nearby area to look for clues. Then speak with the witness. Then head to Judgement Parking in the South West. Scan all the clues and check the messages on the computer. Then interrogate Jerry, speak to the manager, watch the footage, and speak with Jerry again. I used Psychology 2 during the first conversation. Head to the gas station and scan the door to get inside. Investigate the gas station and find the footage showing the murder.

The Discount Dealer
Speak with the police officer next to his vehicle on the corner of Linwood Street and Broadstreet Avenue. You can find a working phone next to the Super Star Theatre on Broadstreet Avenue. Simply follow the objectives and kill the dealers on the rooftop. If you use the Psychology 2 choice on the surviving dealer, he will cooperate and you complete the mission.

Time To Repent
You get this objective during The Search for Soot main mission after you find the informant. This is a simple mission, no choices or anything difficult. Just follow the objectives.

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