Foxhole: Naval Warfare Now Available on Steam

Foxhole: Naval Warfare Now Available on Steam

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Get ready for war: the world of Siege Camp’s massive multiplayer title Foxhole: Naval Warfare is now available for the PC via Steam.

Creating a universe where war is on a massive scale, Foxhole: Naval Warfare will task players with banding together with thousands of others as they engage in large-scale warfare across both land and sea. This isn’t just for show; there’s plenty of hand crafted towns, villages, and other areas of interest to traverse. There are also dozens of tank classes and variants to choose from, each of which supports tank crews with gunner, commander, and engineer roles.

One should not spray and pray, however; logistics play a huge role in this title. Every bullet, weapon, vehicle, and drop of fuel is produced and supplied by real players, and the key to victory comes from cutting off supply lines or sabotaging infrastructure behind the lines of one’s enemy.

In order to get ahead in Foxhole: Naval Warfare, players will have to fortify each of their trench lines and bunker networks. One can also get an edge by building underground bases with ammunition storage, engine rooms, intelligence centers, and artillery emplacements.

This isn’t an easy affair, however; this title features a dynamic weather system that simulates snow and rain storms, with conditions having a major effect on each battle.

Learn more with the launch trailer for the game below:

Foxhole Naval Warfare – Launch Trailer

All those interested can get the game on the official Foxhole: Naval Warfare Steam page. The title currently has a 33% discount from now until November 2, bringing the price down to $20.09.

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