Product and support CRM startup DevRev debuts customizable LLMs

Product and support CRM startup DevRev debuts customizable LLMs

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The developer-focused customer relationship management startup DevRev Inc. has announced the availability of what it calls “customizable large language models” along with in-browser analytics that aim to make generative artificial intelligence more actionable and affordable to enterprises.

DevRev was established by Nutanix Inc.’s former Chief Executive Officer Dheeraj Pandey (pictured) and co-founder Manoj Agarwal. The startup has created OneCRM, which consolidates product, support and growth tools into a single platform in order to improve collaboration across departments and unify teams around their customers.

At the time of DevRev’s launch, its founders explained that they were looking to solve a key challenge in software projects, namely the limited visibility that developers have into how their company’s customers interact with the applications they build. As a result, engineering teams can sometimes struggle to discover and understand the technical issues experienced by their application’s users.

DevRev’s OneCRM is described as a headless, dev-centric CRM platform that aims to bring developers out of the back-office, and put them at the forefront of decision-making and customer collaboration. By removing the bureaucracy between application creators and end users, DevRev empowers developers to create “customer-focused products and businesses.”

By natively dropping data from support, product, engineering, sales and chat operations into its platform, DevRev allows developers to focus on the customer experience. In turn, developers can play a key role in boosting customer engagement, churn and frontline response times.

With the launch of its customizable LLMs and in-browser analytics at its Effortless conference today, DevRev says it’s making it possible for customers to leverage the popular, open-source Langchain framework to configure their LLMs in such a way that natural language queries are routed to the structured data within OneCRM, rather than a centralized data repository.

This is a much needed capability, DevRev says, as users demand a low-latency response and meaningfully accurate semantic search and support capabilities across their product, customer and work data. DevRev says it can speed up generative AI in this way, because it’s uniquely positioned to learn customer-specific product and process ontologies.

Vinod Muthukrishnan, chief customer officer of Uniphore Technologies Inc., said DevRev’s customizable LLMs make it much easier for its generative AI tools to generate, cluster, classify, summarize and prioritize natural language artifacts such as tickets, conversations, documents, articles and machine logs. “In fact, support and customer success encompass so much more than ticket and dashboard management in the enterprise,” he said “With DevRev, we’re now expanding these capabilities from customer support into our product and development use cases.”

DevRev also announced some encouraging growth numbers at its first-ever customer conference, saying it has now accumulated more than 4,000 product-led growth customers, airdropped more than 20 million objects from legacy systems, generated 60 million GPT tokens and served more than 200 million low-latency API calls.

Image: DevRev

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