Nvidia's DGX Cloud supercomputer for generative AI launches on Oracle Cloud

Nvidia’s DGX Cloud supercomputer for generative AI launches on Oracle Cloud

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Nvidia Corp. says the most advanced version of its artificial intelligence supercomputing platform, Nvidia DGX CLoud , is available now in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace alongside its Nvidia AI Enterprise software suite.

The launch of Nvidia DGX Cloud on Oracle Corp.’s cloud infrastructure is said to be an industry first, providing customers with a way to access its most powerful graphics processing units for training generative AI and other workloads.

Announced at Nvidia’s GTX conference in March, Nvidia DGX Cloud AI is a cloud-hosted artificial intelligence supercomputing service that provides immediate access to everything customers need to start training powerful generative AI and other applications, Nvidia said.

The service is based on Nvidia’s popular DGX platform, which is a dedicated hardware offering companies can buy and set up to run in their own on-premises data centers. With DGX Cloud, enterprises no longer have to wait to purchase the expensive and often in-demand platform outright, but can instead rent the infrastructure they need for their AI workloads on a monthly basis. In other words, Nvidia is making its AI supercomputer available to many more enterprises, including those that cannot afford to deploy and manage its systems by themselves.

Nvidia explained that each instance of DGX Cloud provides access to eight of its 80-gigabyte Tensor Core GPUs, meaning 640 gigabytes of GPU memory per node. The platform is built atop a high-performance, low-latency networking fabric to ensure workloads can scale across clusters of interconnected systems. In this way, multiple DGX Cloud instances can act as one enormous GPU to tackle the most demanding workloads.

The DGX Cloud platform is paired with Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software, which gives customers access to more than 100 AI frameworks and pre-trained models, so they can build, refine and operate customized large language and generative AI models trained on their own proprietary data, for unique, domain-specific tasks.

Nvidia said customers can access Nvidia DGX Cloud AI via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace from today. They’ll interact with the hardware using the Nvidia Base Command Platform, which gives developers access to AI supercomputing capabilities via a web browser. By providing a single-pane view of the customer’s AI infrastructure, Base Command Platform simplifies the management of multinode clusters.

Customers will be able to quickly build their generative AI applications and deploy them on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or their own on-premises platforms with ease, Nvidia said, making it simpler to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy.

To coincide with the launch, Nvidia shared a customer success story, saying that the University of Albany in upstate New York recently used Nvidia DGX Cloud AI on Oracle’s infrastructure as the foundation of its AI Plus initiative. The initiative integrates teaching and learning about AI across the university’s research and academic enterprise, in fields such as cybersecurity, weather prediction, health data analytics, drug discovery and next-generation semiconductor design. UAlbany said it’s using Nvidia’s platform on Oracle’s cloud as it builds its very own on-premises supercomputer.

“We’re accelerating our mission to infuse AI into virtually every academic and research discipline,” said Thenkurussi Kesavadas, vice president for research and economic development at UAlbany. “We will drive advances in healthcare, security and economic competitiveness, while equipping students for roles in the evolving job market.”

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