How To Cook Food In The Front

How To Cook Food In The Front

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Using a campfire to prepare a healthy meal can be surprisingly confusing at the start of the game. This guide on How To Cook Food In The Front walks you through the process of preparing your first bit of grub so you can avoid starving to death and having to respawn.

The survival mechanics in The Front are very familiar but also very manageable. All you need to do is to create a couple of fish traps and leave them in the water. This will provide a near infinite supply of fish, enough to provide food so you never need to worry about it again.

How To Cook Food In The Front

Whether you’ve got some fish or killed a wolf or rabbit for some meat, you didn’t kill a harmless rabbit, did you? All you need to do is make a campfire and then bring your food to the fire. Interact with the fire to get the inventory menu up and then drag and drop your Wood, used as fuel, into the fuel section on the right.

Then, simply dump the food you want cooked in the inventory of the campfire, so the fish or meat in this case. You will then notice, on the far left side of the screen, that the recipes will be lit up. You have to place items on the cooking or crafting station in order to use the recipes specific to that station.

Resin is very useful as it’s used in a variety of recipes you’ll need to craft on a regular basis. This guide on Where To Find Resin Fast In The Front will tell you the quickest and easiest farming method to get Resin as just simply cutting down trees and bushes is not a reliable source. This can take hours to get enough Resin for even one recipe.

There is a Task in The Front that asks you to repair a structure. This guide on How To Repair Structures For Task In The Front explains how to complete this particular task as, if you have auto repairing structures setup, the game will often not let you attempt any repairs.

The Front has a fantastic inventory system that’s based on slots, instead of weight. However, you will still need to learn How To Split Items In The Front as you’ll be depositing ingredients, materials, and supplies at a dozen different crafting benches and storage chests before too long.

Making your first base is an exciting venture when you start a new survival game. This guide on How To Make Windows & Doorframes In The Front explains how you can change walls to doorframes and windows as the user-interface can be a little confusing at first and both are required for a healthy base defense.

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