Venafi introduces generative AI service for enhanced machine identify management

Venafi introduces generative AI service for enhanced machine identify management

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Machine identity protection Venafi Inc. today unveiled a new generative artificial intelligence service that’s designed to make machine identity management easier and faster for security and platform teams. 

Called Venafi Athena, the service combines machine learning, large language models and Venafi’s data capabilities to power three core solutions.

The first solution, Venafi Athena for Security Teams, seeks to address the issue wherein the volume of new machine identities and identity types have exploded with the switch to a cloud-native, multicloud world. Venefai argues that security teams and machine identity professionals need a fast, easy and integrated way to reduce growing complexity and effectively manage an organization’s machine identities.

Venafi Athena for Security Teams uses AI and machine learning to help security teams make more intelligent, informed machine identity management decisions by identifying trends. The service provides suggestions through an easy-to-use chat interface across the Venafi Control Plane, identifies improvements and performs complex tasks.

The second solution, Venafi Athena for Developers, addresses the modern machine identity management need that requires the most integrated infrastructure-as-code and cloud-native capabilities. The service uses generative AI to allow developer teams to platform and automate machine identity operations by generating and suggesting complete code recipes.

The AI engine is trained across Venafi’s integrated ecosystem, development languages, including Go, Python and PowerShell and orchestration solutions, including the Red Hat-certified Ansible Collection for Venafi and the official HashiCorp Terraform Provider for Venafi.

Finally there’s Venafi Athena for the Community. The community version offers an experimental laboratory that gives developers early access to generative AI capabilities and machine identity data for use in new feature development, machine learning and large language model development. It includes a new project capability that is claimed to redefine reporting and answers for machine identity management using generative AI and Venafi’s software-as-service data capabilities.

“Machine identity management is complex and challenging, particularly as we move towards a cloud-native future,” Chief Product Officer Shivajee Samdarshi said ahead of the announcement. “Modern enterprises require a fast, easy and integrated way to tackle these complex machine identity management problems.”

Venafi Athena for Security Teams is now available through the Venafi Control Plane with the September 2023 update. Venafi Athena for Developers will be available in 2024 and Venafi Athena for the Community is available starting today. 

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