Observability startup Apica buys Logiq.ai for its advanced data management capabilities

Observability startup Apica buys Logiq.ai for its advanced data management capabilities

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Swedish application monitoring startup Apica AB said today it’s acquiring one of its rivals, the U.S. observability data fabric company called Logiq.ai LLC, for an undisclosed price.

Alongside the acquisition, Apica said it has closed on a $10 million funding round led by existing investors Industrifonden, SEB Foundation and Oxx. The round brings Apica’s total amount raised to $46 million.

Apica is an emerging player in the highly competitive application monitoring market. Its flagship product is the Apica Ascent platform, which provides load testing and web performance monitoring tools for optimizing the performance of cloud and mobile applications. With today’s acquisition of Logiq.ai, Apica said, it’s looking to expand its horizons to balance the need for standardization and cost reduction with the difficult task of consolidating monitoring tools, services and network cost centers.

Logiq.ai offers an enterprise data fabric software-as-a-service platform that helps businesses harness operational data and analyze it for production operations, cybersecurity and compliance purposes. Its software performs the role of unifying, integrating and connecting observability data, so it can be analyzed more effectively.

By bringing those capabilities into its own platform, Apica said it will be able to offer “active observability, automated root cause analysis and advanced data management” features to its customers.

Logiq.ai Chief Executive Ranjan Parthasarathy said the combination of his company’s data fabric platform and Apica Ascent will create an innovative and intelligent approach to data management.

Apica said that by integrating Logiq.ai’s data fabric, its platform will perform the role of an indexing tool that aggregates data such as logs, traces and network packets from different sources, improving information quality by trimming off excess data. Customers will then be able to shift this data into Apica’s data lake environment, where a more unified view will enable faster root cause analysis and lower costs.

Chief Product Officer Jason Howarth said his company will be uniquely positioned to enable “active observability on your terms.” He explained that customers will be able to access observability at much lower costs with contextual data that can scale into exabytes.

“We’re also stacking all this functionality into our data lakes and indexers while embracing open standards such as OpenTelemetry,” he added. “This allows us to be application, device, service, and vendor-agnostic. Having these pieces in place lets us be that decoder ring that other vendors in the space just can’t do.”

Apica said it’s now working to integrate Logiq.ai’s capabilities into the Ascent platform and will make them available to customers by the third quarter of this year. Meanwhile, the funds from today’s round will go toward research and development, and should result in more “observability innovations” to come.

Image: Apica/Facebook

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