Attack The Tieflings Or Attack Lae'Zel In Baldur's Gate 3

Attack The Tieflings Or Attack Lae’Zel In Baldur’s Gate 3

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When you reunite with Lae’Zel, you can free her from a cage and then she gives you a choice. In this guide on Attack The Tieflings Or Attack Lae’Zel In Baldur’s Gate 3 we’ll explain the immediate effects and outcomes of both choices so you can decide based on where you want your story to go.

It’s worth noting that Baldur’s Gate 3 has thousands of choices, hundreds of different outcomes. Some decisions will have a minor and immediate impact, others will have longer-lasting impact that can alter the entire game. This is one such choice as one of these paths means removing a companion, permanently.

Attack The Tieflings Or Attack Lae’Zel In Baldur’s Gate 3

If You Choose Attack Lae’Zel
There are two possible outcomes here. If you attack Lae’Zel and kill her, she’s dead. She will not be a companion and you will not encounter her for the rest of the game. However, the game does introduce a Passive ability called “Toggle: Non-Lethal Attacks”. This causes all damage done by that character to be non-lethal, meaning it will not kill the target. I thought this meant you were able to knock Lae’Zel out and not kill her, but every effort using this ability results in the “Dead” condition being applied. I don’t think you can avoid killing Lae’Zel if you make this choice. Shadowheart will approve of this choice.

If You Choose Attack The Tieflings
Shadowheart disapproves and Astarion approves this decision. You will have to fight the Tieflings. However, you are able to knock these unconscious. I have not encountered them again yet but as a Paladin, this did cause me to break my oath, which comes with its own problems. This is the only choice you can make if you want to have Lae’Zel as a companion.

Deceive The Tieflings
I think you need to be proficient in deception to get this choice. You tell the Tieflings that Lae is dangerous and they should run. They will say they have other things to attend to and leave you to freeing Lae if you want. They also mention a big explosion.

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