Solvo introduces SecurityGenie, a prompt-based cloud security solution

Solvo introduces SecurityGenie, a prompt-based cloud security solution

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Adaptive cloud infrastructure security solutions startup Solvo today announced the launch of SecurityGenie, a prompt-based cloud security solution with instant and precise answers to cloud security questions, eliminating time-consuming manual searches.

Powered by technology from OpenAI LP, SecurityGenie uses natural language processing to assist security engineers and executives in quickly identifying and remediating security risks such as misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and compliance violations. SecurityGenie allows users to ask questions about their cloud resources, networks, databases, entitlements and identities and can scan a corporate environment to provide comprehensive answers.

Examples of how SecurityGenie can be used include a security engineer asking the service, “Who has access to my sensitive data?” or “What critical security and compliance violations were detected in the past 24 hours?” SecurityGenie then provides an answer that includes details such as the severity of the vulnerabilities, the recommended remediation steps and the compliance requirements that are not being met quickly and efficiently.

Along with SecurityGenie being able to return accurate data, relevant graphs and code remediation, the service can also be used to implement new guardrails. One example of how this works is that a user can ask SecurityGenie to “notify me if an instance has direct internet access without ELB,” and the service will do so when that occurs.

Solvo argues that the service addresses issues in security, such as ineffective and time-consuming manual searches. Some 20% of security teams are claimed to spend their time on manual searches and 70% find current solutions ineffective.

SecurityGenie “cuts through the complexity of cloud security, making it easy for security engineers and executives to get the information they need immediately to keep their organizations safe,” according to co-founder and Chief Executive Shira Shamban. “Simply ask questions and SecurityGenie scans your cloud environment for the answers. This eliminates the need for complex reports and time-consuming vulnerability hunting.”

SecurityGenie is fully customized to an organization’s unique needs and integrates with Amazon Web Services Inc., Microsoft Corp.’s Azure, Google Cloud Platform and hybrid environments.

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