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Akamai’s new API Security solution seeks to combat rising cyberthreats

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Content delivery network and cloud services provider Akamai Technologies Inc. today announced a new application programming interface security solution designed to combat increasing API attacks and identify business logic abuse within APIs.

API Security uses technology gained by Akamai from its purchase of API detection and response platform provider Neosec Inc. earlier this year. API Security works with any API gateway, Web Application and API Protection, or cloud implementation to combat API attacks.

Akamai argues that API security has become a critical concern for organizations as API attacks continue to grow, with a report from Akamai in April finding that API attacks increased by 137% in 2022. Once a WAAP product has authorized an API, security teams have no visibility into its use within the organization. Malicious actors are said to be aware of this blind spot and have shifted to abusing the vast API attack surface.

The new API Security solution aims to improve visibility into API activity while deploying behavioral analytics to identify complex threats. The solution enhances detection through historical data analysis collected in a unique data lake.

Key features of the new service include API discovery, visibility, risk auditing and threat-hunting capabilities. One interesting part of the new product is its Shadow Hunt threat-hunting managed service, in which human analysts interpret machine learning signals for in-depth investigation. Users can also see their APIs, ensuring protection by recording API activity, detecting any possible breaches and keeping customer data safe.

“Recent breaches have painfully revealed the necessity of API security solutions. Preventing API-based attacks by guarding endpoints and checking credentials is no longer sufficient,” said Rupesh Chokshi, senior vice president and general manager of application security at Akamai. “Akamai’s API Security gives organizations the ability to monitor API behavior in any platform or gateway to ensure that business processes are running smoothly and securely.”

The new product complements Akamai’s existing App & API Protector solution to deliver a comprehensive protection strategy. The combined approach offers wider API discovery, layered detection and customized responses to block threats or address issues, all deployable from a single control center.

Image: Akamai

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