Groopit brings its 'crowdsolving' service to Salesforce

Groopit brings its ‘crowdsolving’ service to Salesforce

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JJT Inc. today said its Groopit crowdsourcing service has been integrated with Salesforce Inc.’s customer relationship management software to enable sales leaders to harvest input from across their organizations.

Groopit enables managers to gather data in real-time for the purposes of competitive intelligence, product feedback, customer insights and other purposes. Its platform is an underlying insight-sharing engine that works across disciplines in an approach the company calls “crowdsolving.”

The software complements CRM and collaboration platforms by enabling sales leaders to zero in on the precise information they want and get summary reports in areas of high concern.

“The key problem is that frontline sellers have a wealth of insights but it’s really hard for company leaders to get to them,” said co-founder and Chief Executive Tammy Savage. “They evaporate in conversation or get stuck in silos like spreadsheets and survey responses. We want to create a way to the insights from the sellers directly to the decision-makers.”

The software comes with more than 30 built-in workflows for such uses as competitive pricing intelligence, customer experience problems, field site visit notes, new product reactions, operational issues, customer quotes, wins and losses. Users can also create their own.

The templates can be customized with tags that enable users to quickly categorize information and share it with others. For example, the competitive intelligence workflow can display clickable fields such as the names of individual competitors, areas of strength and the importance of a competitive capability. Sharing propagates to other team members and to other platforms such as Salesforce’s Slack, Microsoft Corp.’s teams and email messages.

A key distinction of the platform is that input from multiple users can be rolled up and displayed on a dashboard to provide statistical insights. “Leaders can easily see that an issue has come up 165 times and 86% of the time the business is lost,” Savage said. “They don’t have to read the long narrative notes.” The results can automatically be imported into Slack, Teams, Microsoft PowerBI, Salesforce’s Tableau and other business intelligence consoles.

The company said managers can now define the insights they need from front-line employees without waiting for Salesforce configuration or support. The enterprise system is built on top of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and can support real-time updates from thousands of employees at a time.

Founded in 2018, JJT has raised more than $12 million in seed funding. It’s focused on large enterprises and already has Fortune 1000-sized customers, Savage said.

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