D2iQ unveils DKP AI Navigator to bridge the Kubernetes skills gap

D2iQ unveils DKP AI Navigator to bridge the Kubernetes skills gap

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Kubernetes platform provider D2iQ Inc. today announced DKP AI Navigator, a new integrated artificial intelligence chatbot designed to give organizations the power to overcome the Kubernetes skills gap.

Pitched as ushering in a “new era in cloud-native computing,” the natural-language AI assistant is aimed at simplifying Kubernetes management and enabling DevOps teams to solve the most complex problems more easily. DKP AI Navigator leverages the collective knowledge accumulated by the D2iQ team in managing large-scale container-based deployments to allow organizations to use Kubernetes expertise within their operating environment.

Features of DKP AI Navigator include training on D2iQ’s internal knowledge base. The knowledge base is said to offer solutions to some of the most complex problems experienced by customers in production. For DevOps teams, the platform offers capabilities to repair misconfigured clusters, address upgrade failures, identify and rectify YAML coding errors and traces, and correct system failures.

The new tool is integrated directly into the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform, allowing for efficient Kubernetes fleet management through a single interface. DKP AI Navigator’s training on DKP product documentation is claimed to accentuate its role as an effective guide for those entering the cloud-native landscape.

“As the cloud, AI and Kubernetes continue to converge, building an intelligent infrastructure is the critical foundation for organizations looking to adopt and leverage AI to power automation, decision-making and product innovation,” D2iQ Chief Executive Tobi Knaup explained prior to the tool’s release. “DKP AI Navigator gives organizations unprecedented knowledge and insights that will enable them to more easily manage cloud-native Kubernetes environments and achieve the agility they seek in their modernization initiatives.”

Previously known as Mesosphere Inc., D2iQ offers an open-source, pure-play Kubernetes platform used by enterprises to run cloud-native applications without vendor lock-in. The company’s platform can run in the cloud, on-premises, in air-gapped environments or at the network edge.

D2iQ is venture-capital backed, having raised $247.3 million, according to Crunchbase. Investors include Khosla Ventures LLC, T. Rowe Price Associates Inc., Andreessen Horowitz L.P., Koch Disruptive Technologies LLC and the Qatar Investment Authority.

In an interview with theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media Inc.’s livestreaming studiom in May, Chief Technology Officer Deepak Goel spoke about how D2iQ uses instant platform engineering to solve DevOps challenges:

Image: D2iQ

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