Empowering innovation through the fusion of AI and security: Supercloud 3 event wrap-up analysis

Empowering innovation through the fusion of AI and security: Supercloud 3 event wrap-up analysis

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The world of technology is undergoing a seismic shift as the supercloud revolution takes center stage.

This week’s Supercloud 3 event brought together industry leaders and experts, providing a captivating glimpse into a near future where artificial intelligence and security converge to transform the technological landscape. During a wrap-up analysis segment, theCUBE explored the key insights shared during the event, shedding light on the supercloud’s potential to reshape industries, disrupt traditional norms and empower individuals in unprecedented ways.

“I think AI injects a lot of chaos into the system and a lot of disruptions,” said Dave Vellante (pictured, right), theCUBE co-founder and industry analyst. “One thing’s for sure: Everybody’s life is going to get disrupted by AI in some way, shape or form. I would predict, initially, there’s going to be a lot  of enthusiasm, a lot of great use cases, a lot of great innovation, but it’s going to create a lot of chaos as well.”

Vellante joined co-founder and fellow analyst John Furrier (left) for the day two “Closing Remarks” at the Supercloud 3: Security, AI and the Supercloud event, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. They discussed the implications of the groundbreaking  supercloud movement and its profound impact on enterprise tech.

Supercloud: A metaphor for the future

Supercloud, often misunderstood as just another term for multicloud or hybrid cloud, is in fact a revolutionary concept that stretches the fabric of a distributed system where data resides. Supercloud represents a generational shift, injecting new capabilities through AI and changing the way we interact with technology.

The distribution of value and the emergence of abstractions is a recurring pattern in technology waves, according to Vellante. The supercloud wave follows this pattern, making tasks faster, simpler and easier to use. With the advent of AI, applications powered by human intellect and data become valuable intellectual property. This simplification and democratization of technology will lead to a Cambrian explosion of applications, transforming industries and the way we work.

“Code is now natural language, and that’s changing everything. The supercloud is the underpinning of that innovation,” Vellante added.

Disruption and chaos: The inevitable impact of AI

The integration of AI into various domains will disrupt industries, job roles and organizational structures. AI will bring chaos and create both enthusiasm and challenges, Vellante predicted. While incumbents and disruptors will be impacted differently, every individual will feel the influence of AI.

Security and AI are deeply intertwined, as seen in discussions around a security culture and the disruptive potential of innovative companies such as CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. and Hammerspace Inc. The supercloud represents more than just a buzzword; it encompasses a fundamental shift in technology, according to Furrier.

“It’s the IT market. It’s the developers. They’re building the next-generation infrastructure and software that has to run on all environments, all clouds,” he said. “Supercloud talks about that career path that’s the intellectual capital of the human. And now you got data with AI, which is a data capital … this is what supercloud represents, that whole generational shift.”

Here’s the complete video interview, part of SiliconANGLE’s and theCUBE’s coverage of the Supercloud 3: Security, AI and the Supercloud event:

Photo: SiliconANGLE

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