Detectify launches new integrations platform for enhances security operations

Detectify launches new integrations platform to enhance security operations

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External Attack Surface Management startup Detectify AB today announced a new integrations platform aimed at empowering and enhancing flexibility for security teams.

The new platform opens Detectify to fast and simple integrations, allowing teams to leverage highly accurate data from its hacker-powered EASM platform into the tools of their choice without disrupting their workflows. “Hacker-powered” refers to Detectify using a global community of “elite ethical hackers” to help power its service. 

The company’s integrations platform offers capabilities designed to streamline operations and boost security measures. Leading the list is the ability to import high-quality vulnerability data directly into existing workflows, enabling security professionals to use the tools that best suit their specific use cases. Tools can include those influenced by industry regulations, risk tolerance or organizational maturity.

Recognizing the various needs of security teams who collaborate with multiple product development teams, Detectify has engineered its platform to allow the creation of integrations with adjustable parameters. That, the company said, allows teams to assign specific characteristics to vulnerability findings, delivering more efficient collaboration between security and development teams to expedite vulnerability resolution.

The platform also accelerates mean time to resolution by offering efficient delivery of vulnerability data to development teams, according to Detectify. With its new integrations platform, vulnerability information can be relayed directly to developers through their everyday tools, streamlining the process of understanding and prioritizing remediation efforts.

The integrations platform is powered by Workato Inc., enabling the platform to offer preset integrations with tools such as Slack, Jira, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Splunk, OpsGenie and HTTP webhooks.

“Most of the EASM offerings today are part of a larger organization or suites of security tools, which often brings limitations when using their data,” co-founder and Chief Executive Rickard Carlsson said ahead of the announcement. “Detectify is committed to bucking this trend, giving our customers unmatched security telemetry and the flexibility to use it in whatever way best fits them so they can keep their business secure while continuing to ship new products and features.”

Detectify is a venture capital-backed startup that has raised $42 million, according to Crunchbase. Investors include Insight Venture Partners LLC, First Fellow Partners Oy, Inventure LLC, Balderton Capital (UK) LLP and SquareOne App Ltd.

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