launches a developer team workflow management tool launches a developer team workflow management tool

Posted on Ltd., a project management software startup, today announced the launch of monday dev, a new product offering that centralizes software development tracking in one place so developers, engineers and administrators can collaborate more easily. is the provider of what it calls a work operating system, or Work OS, which allows organizations to quickly get up to speed in building their work management and collaboration systems. It allows them to facilitate project management among different personnel and teams using common workflow and communication tools.

With monday dev connected with Work OS, product and dev teams will be able to collaborate more easily with the rest of the company and build on product roadmaps, sprints, release plans, customer feedback, backlogs and more. It is expected to allow organizations to feed development time and energy back into product success.

Monday dev is a workflow management software that includes roadmap planning that allows for sprint planning, review setting daily standup meeting review, lifecycle management and more. Every element of the plan can be viewed as the project is completed including the estimated timeline as tickets are resolved by developers and project members.

Potential problems can be easily detected through an agile reports system and burndown charts where potential bottlenecks can be discovered by tracking the sprint process. As members follow their estimated project timeline and submit their work. This is possible with visualized timelines and customizable backends for project managers.

Development teams can also integrate their favorite developer tools and repositories such as GitHub, issue tracking with GitLab and embed designs with Figma. can be customized with more than 100 different integrations that can extend its capabilities.

Monday dev uses task automation to provide developers and administrators to save themselves from the tedium of repetitive tasks with more than 150 prebuilt, customizable recipes that can do anything from assignments and notifications to integrations with tools such as Slack or GitHub.

In order to make sure developers don’t miss a beat when building features and moving along with development, monday dev also has its own bug-tracking dashboard that allows members to effectively report, track and assign bugs to the right team to get them fixed.

All of this goes together into one overall project management scheme that can be rebuilt and customized around any paradigm using Work OS. Organizations can integrate monday dev into their current workflow so that their development team can better collaborate on software development and adhere to whatever plan they need.

Ran Toueg, a senior product manager at, said monday dev would provide product and dev teams everything needed to plan, build and manage all their projects from research and development to design and develop products. “At, we know what it takes to power innovative, solution-oriented workflows that enable teams across every department to prosper,” said Toueg. “With monday dev, our customers can now do that all in one place.”

Monday dev is available today starting at $9 per seat per month for a basic plan with only a few amenities. Upgrading to $12 per seat per month (Standard) will provide GitHub integration and 250 automations per month, and $20 per seat per month (Pro) adds Agile reporting and raises automations to 250,000.


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