Aiven announces 'Bring Your Own Cloud' to help companies optimize cloud spending

Aiven announces ‘Bring Your Own Cloud’ to help companies optimize cloud spending

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Aiven Ltd., a well-funded startup that delivers fully managed and cloud-hosted versions of some of the most popular open-source software, announced the launch of its “Bring Your Own Cloud” offering.

With BYOC, customers can deploy Aiven’s managed data services directly on the public cloud of their choice, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. It means customers now have greater control over which cloud they want to use for compute, storage and networking, enabling them to consolidate their spend with a single provider.

Aiven, which has raised more than $420 million in funding, including $210 million in its most recent Series D round, provides managed services for open-source projects such as the Apache Cassandra, InfluxDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, the Apache Kafka and Apache Flink event streaming and data processing platforms, Elasticsearch and more.

The startup explained that BYOC is available now to help customers to get a better handle on their cloud spending. The big three cloud providers all offer various discount programs to their customers, but the problem is that most offers insist on a multiyear commitment, meaning flexibility to pick and choose is more limited. With BYOC, Aiven is giving its customers another choice by enabling them to take advantage of discount programs while still running services on its trusted open-source data platform.

According to Aiven, its BYOC service will be most useful for companies that use multiple cloud services or operate in regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare, as they face strict requirements on where their data lives. Aiven BYOC connects to the customer’s AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure account to the Aiven platform via a virtual private cloud, with role-based access controls.

Then, users have a secure way to deploy Aiven’s services directly on their preferred cloud infrastructure, enabling them to meet cloud commitments and take advantage of some serious discounts, Aiven said. It added that early-access BYOC customers have achieved an average reduction of 30% on their overall cloud spending.

Jonah Kowall, the company’s vice president of product management, said companies want more control over where and how their data is housed and processed. “With Aiven’s Bring Your Own Cloud, companies have the freedom, flexibility and choice to fully control their data security and processes,” he said. “Aiven makes it easy for customers to provision and manage services across their organizations, and includes the around-the-clock monitoring and peace of mind of a 99.99% uptime SLA.”

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