Warhaven Cinematic Trailer to be Released at Summer Game Fest 2023

Warhaven Cinematic Trailer to be Released at Summer Game Fest 2023

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The upcoming reveal of Nexon’s cinematic trailer for Warhaven will make its debut at Summer Game Fest 2023 on June 8 at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, California.

The trailer that will be released will serve as a showcase of the unwavering determination of Warhaven’s soldiers. Each of these mighty warriors will set out to engage in fierce battles to protect their faith as they take part in the supernatural and formidable Immortals.

Players will be able to see first-hand the large-scale, sword-based melee combat of Warhaven across a number of different expansive battlefields. Action sequences packed with dynamic combat will take center stage as soldiers wield lethal weapons like swords, hammers, and spears and legendary “Immortals” unleash transcendent magical powers.

For those who’d like a taste of things to come, Warhaven will also be showcased at the Steam Next Fest from June 19 to 26.

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