Israeli startup Entro raises $6M for its secrets security and management platform

Israeli startup Entro raises $6M for its secrets security and management platform

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Israeli cybersecurity startup Entro Security Ltd. today announced that it has raised $6 million in funding to do further development of its secrets security and management platform.

Secrets security protects access keys and credentials from unauthorized access, disclosure, or use. Secrets are often programmatic access keys, such as application programming interface keys, access tokens and connection strings, used by applications to access sensitive data and cloud services. It’s estimated that on average there are at least 500 secrets per organization scattered across at least five different secret stores. Adding to the risk, DevOps teams creating secrets are typically not responsible for securing them.

Entro offers a platform that continuously monitors and protects secrets, programmatic cloud services and data access. It detects, safeguards and provides context for secrets stored across vaults, source code, collaboration tools, cloud environments and software-as-a-service platforms.

Designed specifically for chief information security officers and security teams, the service offers complete oversight and the ability to govern any secret from a single pane, integrating into all places where secrets can be found, including “bring your own vault.”

The service is also designed to assist organizations in meeting regulations such as SOC 2 that require secrets protection such as rotation, with Entro acting as a non-inline layer. The frictionless, agentless approach can be integrated into organizations in minutes without any research and development team onboarding and works with existing workflows.

Entro says it provides deep secrets analysis and metadata enrichment, as well as being able to identify abnormal or malicious secret activity. Teams can track the activity of all secrets, including enhanced secrets lineage correlation and gain in-depth visibility to owner, enablement status, permission or cloud services privileges, correlated service and risk level.

“The Entro platform provides a one-stop shop to protect and monitor all secrets, wherever they are sprawled, leaked, or stored,” co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Adam Cheriki said in a statement.

StageOne Ventures L.P. and Hyperwise Ventures Ltd. co-led Entro’s seed round. Angel investors in the company include Rakesh Loonkar, founder of Trusteer Inc. and Transmit Security Inc., Mickey Boodaei, founder of Imperva Inc., Trusteer and Transmit Security, and Amichai Shulman, founder of Imperva and AirEye Inc.

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