Path of Titans Night Stalker Update Coming May 10

Path of Titans Night Stalker Update Coming May 10

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Players will be able to unleash a whole new suite of skills and become the ultimate apex predator when the Night Stalker Update comes to independent game studio Alderon Games’ Path of Titans on May 10.

Abilities in this update include Midnight Hunter and Night Stalker, which will give players the chance to increase both the mystique and the thrills of dinosaur combat gameplay at night. Note that other abilities, such as The Call of the Night Terrors, will provide the Latenivenatrix with stamina recovery and damage boosts.

Learn more with the teaser trailer below:

Path of Titans – Night Stalker Teaser

A dinosaur MMO survival game, Path of Titans lets players begin as a baby hatchling as they soon grow to an adult dinosaur. Allosaurus, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Sarcosuchus are all included as players hunt and attack other players. Two 8km x 8km seamless environments filled with up to 200 players per server serve as the battlegrounds.

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