New Quantive AI enhancements help firms achieve strategic initiatives

New Quantive Singularity helps companies make more informed decisions

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Strategy execution platform startup Quantive USA Inc. today announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence-powered platform designed to help companies make better, more informed decisions.

Called Quantive Singularity, the new platform allows users more easily to surface the insights, forecasts and intelligence needed to predict the success of business strategies and better plan for the future.

Quantive, previously known as Gtmhub, argues that in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced market environment, company leaders need to make informed and meaningful decisions to steer their organizations toward success. It says a lack of timely and intelligent information, combined with an overload of data and insights and pre-set dashboards that are primarily backward-looking, prevents executives from predicting the success of their business strategy and can hurt their future plans. That’s what Quantive Singularity is aimed at addressing.

The platform enables senior leaders to focus on their company’s performance against their strategic plans and goals and better anticipate and manage risks. With Quantive Singularity, the company says, leaders can make data-driven decisions in real time.

Features of Quantive Singularity include domain-specific machine learning forecasts that accurately and quickly ascertain how an organization will perform against its goals. The forecasts are used to ensure companies can anticipate risks and challenges.

The platform’s use of AI-powered analysis of strategic progress and critical business key performance indicators reveals the causes of a company’s successes and challenges to help leaders make more informed decisions and adjust strategies to continue to achieve their goals. The service uncovers what actions businesses need to take to accelerate their progress, remove any blockers and align their organizations behind strategic outcomes to achieve strategic objectives regardless of any challenges being faced, such as broader market conditions, the company claims.

“For businesses to succeed in today’s macroeconomic environment, the ability to adapt quickly while delivering ambitious results is key,” said Chief Executive Ivan Osmak. “Our mission at Quantive is to make businesses successful by helping them achieve their important goals. Quantive Singularity is doing just that by helping leaders direct and drive their organizations forward to achieve the best possible outcomes.”

The launch of the Quantive Singularity platform comes after the company acquired executive business coaching and consulting company Auxin OKR Ltd. in March and then launched Quantive Consulting to help customers implement organizational change management.

Quantive was also in the news in February when it added generative AI-based enhancements via large learning models Quantive gained through its acquisition of business reliability platform startup in June. The intelligence capability in Quantive Results helps users overcome the “cold start” challenge in objectives and key results.

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