How To Ascend Characters In Honkai Star Rail

How To Ascend Characters In Honkai Star Rail

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Ascending characters unlocks new skills and abilities. This guide on How To Ascend Characters In Honkai Star Rail explains the ascending process as it’s tied to another unique mechanic where you need to advance through the games Difficulty Levels in order to progress through the story and improve your character further.

As you progress through the story you can increase the level of each of your characters. Once a character reaches level 20 they reach the first threshold. This means that the character will no longer be able to advance, gain new skills, or unlock new abilities until they have reached the next level of ascension. Before you’re able to unlock the ability to ascend, you first need to unlock Difficulty Level 1.

How To Ascend Characters In Honkai Star Rail

To unlock Difficulty Level 1 you first need to reach Trailblaze level 20. This is like an account level that is leveled up individually to your characters. Once you reach level 20 Trailblaze you can then complete the quest “Increase Difficulty Level to Level 1” which unlocks a new difficulty tier and advances the game world.

Once you have unlocked Difficulty Level 1 you can then spend the Ascension materials to ascend your favorite characters.

  • Before you’re able to ascend characters you first need to reach level 20 with the character you want to ascend
  • Once they have reached level 20 you can find the ascension materials required in order to advance your character to the next tier through ascension.
  • Once you have a level 20 character and the ascension materials you need to complete the level 20 Trailblaze quest in order to unlock the next difficulty tier so you can ascend your characters.

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