SecurityScorecard becomes first security ratings platform to integrate GPT-4

SecurityScorecard becomes first security ratings platform to integrate GPT-4

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Security ratings firm SecurityScorecard Inc. today announced that it has integrated OpenAI LP’s GPT-4 with its security platform, becoming the first security ratings platform to do so.

Announced at the RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco, the GPT-4 integration with SecurityScorecard’s security ratings platform delivers natural language processing capability to the service. With the ability to use natural language queries, chief information security officers and cybersecurity practitioners can ask questions to understand their cyber exposure and where their security gaps lie more easily.

The GPT-4 integration allows customers to ask open-ended questions about their business ecosystem, including vendor details and quickly obtain answers to drive risk management decisions. The AI-powered search works across monitored organizations, saving significant time by reducing the manual work associated with analyzing data. Because the feature uses GPT-4, it continuously learns and improves to better meet customers’ needs over time.

“Our team members are squarely focused on driving innovation that helps our customers increase cyber resilience in the face of global threats,” said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, co-founder and chief executive of SecurityScorecard. “It’s that commitment that has led us to put game-changing AI technology in our customers’ hands, enabling them to be more proactive, move faster and be more strategic for their organizations.”

Some of the example use cases are interesting, though not unexpected as generative AI becomes more common.

SecurityScorecard customers can now ask open-ended questions about their business ecosystem, such as “find my 10 lowest-rated vendors” or “show me which of my critical vendors were breached in the past year.” The results delivered allow them to make risk management decisions that would have otherwise taken much longer without the use of AI and GPT-4.

Beside the addition of GPT-4 integration,  SsecurityScorecard also unveiled a series of strategic product and service updates that are now generally available to customers.

First on the list is Score Guarantee, a service that offers qualified customers who maintain an A-grade complimentary digital forensics and incident response services if they suffer an incident. Another new release, Compliance Readiness Assessment, provides a more efficient audit of regulatory requirements with an expanded evidence collection and simplified visual illustration of compliance readiness.

Next on the list, Automatic Vendor Detection, is designed to deliver an easier search for potential issues or yet-unpatched events across a group of companies. Organizations can better understand and assess their exposure to systemic cyber risk using the service.

Another new service called Attack Surface Intelligence provides a one-stop solution for multiple stakeholders to quickly and simply build queries that speed investigation and remediation times to reduce cyber risk exposure.

Finally, Risk Control for Cyber Insurers creates awareness of critical security issues by delivering targeted and personalized alerts to exposed organizations. Risk Control is said to empower insurers in preventing security incidents, even in the face of emerging threats and rapidly changing security postures.

Sam Kassoumeh, co-founder and chief operating officer of SecurityScorecard, spoke with theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media Inc.’s livestreaming studio, in September on how the company helps organizations quantify cybersecurity vulnerabilities and weak points in real-time.

“We’re in the business of really building solutions for customers,” Kassoumeh explained. “We mine the data from dozens of digital sources and help discover the risks and the flaws that are inherent to their business. And that becomes increasingly important as companies grow and find new sources of risk and new threat vectors that emerge on the internet for themselves, their vendor and their business partner ecosystem.”

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