Deloitte delivers Quartz AI solutions for logistics and retail customer service

Deloitte delivers Quartz AI solutions for logistics and retail customer service

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Technology consultancy Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. is beefing up its artificial intelligence capabilities with the launch of two services aimed at very specific industry verticals – the logistics sector and the retail space.

The new Quartz AI offerings are said to be built on Nvidia Corp.’s AI Enterprise and Omniverse platforms, and include Deloitte Compass AI for logistics and route optimization, and Deloitte Frontline Ai for retailers, quick-service restaurants and customer service.

Deloitte said these are the first tools launching under its Quartz AI banner. With Quartz AI, it’s aiming to provide highly customized and accelerated AI platforms that combine its deep domain expertise with Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software stack and Omniverse design tools to help customers gain an edge over their competitors.

Compass AI is an accelerated logistics platform that provides capabilities around dynamic fleet routing and dispatch optimization. With it, logistics providers will be able to benefit from faster deliveries, significant cost reductions and the improved customer satisfaction that results. The offering is powered by Nvidia AI Enterprise’s cuOpt route optimization software and embeds AI directly into logistics workflows, helping customers to adapt to the evolving dispatch market on the fly. It offers extremely rapid data processing and simulation capabilities, enabling users to automatically implement intelligent route optimization and see impressive gains in a matter of minutes.

As for Frontline AI, this is a channel-agnostic “human engagement platform” that intelligently streamlines, measures and addresses customer feedback. In other words, it’s a highly advanced chatbot service that’s powered by visual conversational capabilities. According to Deloitte, it can serve as an automated customer care representative, intelligently conversing with customers in multiple languages through various channels.

Nvidia Enterprise Computing Vice President Manuvir Das said Deloitte’s new offerings are timely, as many enterprises are desperately seeking industry-focused AI services and tools. “Built on Nvidia platforms, Deloitte’s Quartz offerings help to provide clients with the world’s most advanced AI technology and consulting services,” he said.

The new services come at a time when Deloitte is really beginning to ramp up its AI services. Earlier this month, it announced it had established a new consulting practice that aims to help enterprises to develop and implement generative AI solutions based on large language models.

Deloitte seems to think it has found a valuable AI partner in Nvidia, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Also today, it was revealed that Deloitte has been named as the 2023 Nvidia Partner Network Americas Consulting Partner of the Year, in recognition of its high-value AI consulting services and its investment in Nvidia’s AI practice. It’s the third year in succession that Deloitte has landed that particular award for its efforts towards accelerating enterprise AI adoption.

“Our new Quartz offerings serve as a prime example of the power of our collaboration and shared commitment to client success,” said Nitin Mittal, Deloitte’s AI Strategic Growth Offering lead and principal.

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