Center for Internet Security and Google Cloud alliance aims to help public sector cybersecurity

Center for Internet Security and Google Cloud alliance aims to help public sector cybersecurity

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The nonprofit Center for Internet Security Inc. today announced the launch of a new alliance to help advance security and resilience for the broader technology ecosystem, with an emphasis on the public sector.

The CIS and Google Cloud Alliance seeks to address the problem wherein public sector organizations are particularly susceptible to cyberattacks because of their limited resources and reliance on legacy infrastructure. The alliance combines CIS’ and Google LLC’s extensive experience, with an aim to offer greater security to public organizations.

Founded in 2020, CIS has as its mission to make the connected world a safer place by developing, validating and promoting timely best-practice solutions that help people, businesses and governments protect themselves against pervasive cyberthreats. With the new Google Cloud alliance, CIS will will offer its members services from the Google Cybersecurity Action Team. That includes Google Threat Horizons reports and cybersecurity from the Google-owned cybersecurity company Mandiant that help achieve better security for the broader technology ecosystem, with an emphasis on cloud posture and overall cybersecurity practices.

Alongside the announcement of the CIS and Google Cloud Alliance, Google Cloud also announced new partnerships with industry organizations in sectors including healthcare and financial services: Health-ISAC and FS-ISAC. Google also launched “Google Public Sector,” a new division focused on helping U.S. public sector institutions, including federal, state and local governments and educational institutions in accelerating their digital transformations.

Together, CIS and Google Cloud are claimed to be uniquely positioned to support organizations through the complexities of their digital transformations.

“This partnership between CIS and Google is particularly exciting because it is bringing together two powerhouse perspectives on cybersecurity and applying them to the highly targeted and historically cyber-underserved community of U.S. state, local, tribal and territorial government organizations,” Gina Chapman, executive vice president of sales and business services at CIS, said in a statement. “The cybersecurity needs of the public sector demand best-in-class, cost-effective solutions that include implementation and operational support and we look forward to how we can work together to support this community.”

Image: Center for Internet Security

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