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The team at Bohemia Interactive have announced the release of Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits for their low poly open-world adventure game Ylands.

Released after three years of work, a substantial 90 features have been added.

New to this update is the Classy Adventures Guild and the first campaign-like yland. For those just starting out, an improved tutorial and a handhook have both been included. Improvements have been made to combat, assets and crafting, and terrain generation, and a new main menu and shop makes things far simpler to navigate.

For those who want to play on the go, there is now quick game start with Google and Apple account logins, along with PC cross platform support and UX improvements. Finally, multiple gameplay improvements and content have been included.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Adventurers WANTED 📣| Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits! | Ylands Trailer

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