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Tailscale launches zero-trust virtual private network solution for enterprise customers

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Tailscale Inc., a corporate virtual private network provider that uses mesh networking technology, today rolled out its zero-trust networking solution for enterprise customers that allows them to ensure that each connection is authenticated and all traffic is encrypted end-to-end.

Founded in 2019, Tailscale launched to ease issues with secure connectivity caused by traditional VPN services, which use centralized servers to provide monitoring and access management. The company uses mesh networking that allows devices to connect through nodes that decentralize access, increase speed, scalability and reliability of the entire network.

Tailscale’s solution also requires nearly no configuration, rapid setup and easy connectivity for new devices. By providing end-to-end encryption and treating all users with the lowest privileged access, the network provides so-called zero-trust networking for Secure Access Service Edge, Identity and Access Management and Privileged Access Management.

“The big conundrum with zero trust is, how do you lock down access without bringing productivity to a screeching halt and overhauling your entire tech stack?” said Tailscale co-founder and Chief Executive Avery Pennarun. “Tailscale is the zero trust easy button enterprises have been looking for. Unlike other solutions, we work with your existing infrastructure so it can be set up within minutes — a powerful tool to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.”

Tailscale already integrates with numerous identity services to authenticate users, such as Okta, Azure AD and Google. For enterprise customers that may require complex identity requirements or self-hosting of their own solutions, the company has added OpenID Connect-compliant connectivity. That will allow customers to connect to identity providers such as JumpCloud, Auth0, Duo and GitLab.

Enterprise information technology teams can monitor and review traffic as part of their security processes with enhanced real-time logs. Unlike other network connections, Tailscale network activity can be tied to users’ identity, which enables detailed attribution for traffic, which allows for a better understanding of potential security issues.

The company’s enterprise solution also allows customers to authenticate and encrypt secure shell connections between devices and allow organizations to record shell commands, including Tailscale SSH, by streaming the session logs to another node on the network. The recordings are end-to-end encrypted, thus only visible to authorized users, and not even Tailscale can view them.

Last year, Tailscale raised $100 million in funding led by CRV and Insight Partners, and to date has deployed its technology for more than 2,000 organizations, with more than 2.5 million devices connected. Companies such as Instacart, educational company Duolingo Inc. and Japanese e-commerce firm Mercari Inc. use its private networking to secure their businesses and sensitive data.

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