Havendock Coming to Steam Early Access April 20

Havendock Coming to Steam Early Access April 20

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YYZ and Different Tales’ cozy colony sim Havendock will make its way to Steam Early Access on April 20.

A solo project for YYZ, Havendock combines resource management and base building as players set out to survive in the middle of the sea and build a thriving town. Along the way, players will be able to attract and manage settlers, all while trying to meet their different needs.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Havendock – Early Access Release Date Trailer

According to YYZ:

“I wish I could procrastinate everything but I don’t want to disappoint the people out there waiting for Havendock. It’s a great motivation though, now I actually need to set an alarm to go to sleep.”YYZ

All those interested can wishlist the game on Steam here and play a demo today.

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