A Knight in the Attic Now Available for PC and Meta

A Knight in the Attic Now Available for PC and Meta

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A uniquely cozy VR experience, Mighty Yell Studios’ VR adventure A Knight in the Attic is available for Meta and PC starting today.

In this title, players will be able to dive into the mysterious contents of their grandmother’s attic, quickly discovering a world living within a magical labyrinth board. In this world, players will guide Guinevere as they set out on a quest to defeat Mordred by creatively using anything and everything they can find. This can vary, with cranks, hammers, scrolls, and even an old notebook coming into play.

A game that can be played sitting down, players will also be able to explore and collect scrolls for additional challenges and replayability.

Learn more with the trailer below:

A Knight in the Attic VR Game Launch Date Trailer

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