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NFT.NYC is back to deliver the Woodstock of NFTs

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NFT events have been the hottest ticket in town since the world was introduced to non-fungible tokens. Electricity generated from projects and fans coming together seems to power the space until the next event, but are we experiencing an overload?

In the past year, Web3 has had presences at Miami NFT week, VeeCon, Consensus, SXSW, NFT.NYC, NFT London, Art Basel Miami, NFT LA, NFT.NYC again, and dozens of additional events. That’s a lot of talk and travel for a culture that primarily lives in the digital space. 

NFT.NYC is set to kick off on Wednesday for the second time in less than ten months, and it’s becoming evident that collectors, and even the builders, are experiencing some event fatigue.

Conversations from the past few NFT events show concern among the community that turnout is lacking, and even last month’s NFT LA (now named Outer Edge), though well attended, didn’t seem the same as in 2022.

Some of the biggest NFT projects are choosing to stay home from NFT.NYC this year. CyberKongz and Yuga Labs, both in the thick of delivering new products to their communities, are just a few noteworthy names not hosting their own events at The Big Apple. With both typically having a presence at the major NFT events, one can speculate if the sheer pace of events has them considering just how important it is to be at them all. 

Still, everyone is expecting a strong showcase of announcements from plenty of projects that span Web3. Samsung x Artblocks, DeGods, Pudgy Penguins, Adidas, and Cyberbrokers are major names that demonstrate the current strength of Web3 brands, while one of the world’s best-selling generative artists, Zancan, shows us the pinnacle of generative art on the blockchain.

Whether attending to meet with friends from around the world or anxious to hear what’s on the horizon from their favorite project, collectors will be hard-pressed to find a bigger concentration of builders than at NFTNYC. This year will certainly be worth their time if they want to hear from the NFT space’s thought leaders, including Eddie Satterly from OneOf, Sebastian Oddo from Mastercard, Jenn LaRocco from SMX Media, Yat Siu from Animoca, and even CryptoSlam and Forkast.News’ first appearance

Don’t bother unpacking your bag after returning from NFT.NYC. VeeCon will return next month, as Gary Vaynerchuk once again delivers the most utility you can get in an NFT through his massive NFT conference for VeeFriends holders. How’s that for utility? 

The Forkast 500 NFT Index is down nearly 1.5% in the past 7 days, due to low trading volume from the Easter holiday, folks planning for NFTNYC, and the opportunities happening on the crypto side of the blockchain. 

Can traders expect NFT.NYC to jump-start the NFT market again? Many are hopeful, but just for this week, they’re outnumbered by those who are here in Web3 for the innovation and vibes. To that end, the NFT space is richer than most can imagine.

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