Where To Find Vipers In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Where To Find Vipers In Resident Evil 4 Remake

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One of the side quests in Resident Evil 4 Remake has you hunting down some viper snakes. In this guide on Where To Find Vipers In Resident Evil 4 Remake we’ll tell you where you can find all three Vipers so you can finish the mission and get your reward.

You have to kill the Vipers after you receive the mission. Killing the before does not count towards the objective once you have it. It’s possible that you may have already killed one or two as you’ve been exploring, just because Resident Evil 4 Remake is a bit spooky and you never know what’s going to transform into some disease-ridden monstrosity. So, you just kill anything that moves, right?

Where To Find Vipers In Resident Evil 4 Remake

You can find the first one in the main village, inside the church. This is the most likely one you have seen and killed before. There is another in the building south of the village, check the video above for an exact location. You need to be careful with this one as you can destroy the box from outside the building with an explosive object, that will cause the snake to be released from the box and flee. The best place to farm Vipers is the fish farm. There are several vipers here. When you are exploring the area keep your eye on the surface of the water. You will often see ripples where a Viper is swimming around.

You can also find several up on the decks.

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