Sandbox Title Pathless Woods Announced

Sandbox Title Pathless Woods Announced

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Players will be able to step into the heart of ancient China with the release of Aniya Games and Spiral Up Games’ sandbox title Pathless Woods.

Paying tribute to the cultural and architectural heritage of old China, players will be able to construct structures from simple buildings and bridges to elaborate monuments that are inspired by ancient Chinese design. One can also cultivate vegetables using traditional Chinese farming methods, which can then be used for Chinese dishes.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Pathless Woods – Official Trailer

According to Spiral Up Games Aldric Chang:

“Following the successful launch of Wandering Sword’s demo – which was one of the top most wish-listed games in February’s Steam Next Fest – Spiral Up is excited to unveil what Pathless Woods has in store for gamers. There is so much you can do in the game, and any fan of the sandbox survival genre should not miss Pathless Woods!”Aldric Chang

The game will come out in 2023 – all those interested can wishlist it here.

Source: Press Release

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