Google Cloud collaborates with Tezos Foundation on Web3 development

Google Cloud collaborates with Tezos Foundation on Web3 development

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The Tezos Foundation, the nonprofit foundation that supports the development of the Tezos blockchain, announced today it has teamed up with Google Cloud to provide tools for developers to deploy blockchain nodes and build Web3 applications.

Through the collaboration, Google Cloud will become a validator on the Tezos blockchain so Google Cloud customers will gain access to Tezos’s “corporate baking” program, which provides on-chain validators. Validators are able to host the virtual machines that keep blockchains secure, called nodes, that provide a great deal of control and telemetry for Web3 applications.

Blockchain technology works by maintaining a distributed database of continuously ordered “blocks,” these blocks are linked in a “chain” protected by cryptography. Nodes function by validating that each transaction added to a subsequent block follows the rules of the blockchain and keeps a copy of the entire blockchain. Running a node gives app developers real-time access to read, write and monitor transactions as they are added to the network.

“To achieve institutional adoption and mass-market opportunities, technology that’s reliable, scalable, and secure is essential,” said Mason Edwards, chief commercial officer at the Tezos Foundation. He added that working with Google Cloud would lead to “synergies” and “accelerating development and innovation” for the Tezos blockchain ecosystem.

Along with allowing developers to host their own nodes for Web3 applications, Google Cloud and Tezos will provide enterprise developers support for building apps in the Tezos ecosystem. The collaboration will also give select Tezos startups access to Google Cloud credits and mentorship through the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

“At Google Cloud, we’re providing secure and reliable infrastructure for Web3 founders and developers to innovate and scale their applications,” said James Tromans, engineering director of Web3 at Google Cloud.

With its own dedicated team focused on Web3 technologies, Google Cloud has launched a few different blockchain and Web3 services including Node Engine, which allows developers to deploy Ethereum blockchain nodes, and partnered with several other blockchains last year, becoming a validator on Solana and Aptos. The company also partnered with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global Inc. to allow crypto payments for cloud services and run some of Coinbase’s applications on Google’s cloud.

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