How To Play Co Op In Wild Hearts

How To Play Co Op In Wild Hearts

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Wild Hearts has co op for people that want to play the game with a couple of friends. Check out this guide to find out How To Play Co Op In Wild Hearts. This way you can slay monsters together and get some more loot.

How To Play Co Op In Wild Hearts

You can’t start co op until you get a bit further in the story. Eventually., you will rescue a lady and start setting up a camp. Go beat the giant rat, then return and set up your camp. Here you need to set up a fire so you can rest at it.

Once you get far enough you will see the online option. From here you can join up with some random people or make a private lobby with a password. Use the party tag to match up on the monster and then your friends can use the password to enter that lobby. It is only a three player game, so if you have more than that you won’t be able to join up together.

Also you can do story missions together for the most part.

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