How To Solve Cursed Tomb Treasure Treasure Map In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Solve Cursed Tomb Treasure Tomb Of Treachury In Hogwarts Legacy

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Another Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Map has you seeking out a cursed tomb. In this guide on How To Solve Cursed Tomb Treasure Treasure Map In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll explain both where you can find the treasure map itself and how you can find the solution to the treasure map to finish the puzzle and claim your reward.

This treasure map can be found near the West Manor Cape fast travel location, which is in the South East corner of the entire map. There’s a building nearby and on a small hill, a catacomb-style decoration with a brazier outside. You can light the brazier, which causes the statue to turn around and grant access to a dungeon underneath. As soon as you enter there will be a named enemy. Defeat the enemy and loot the chest to fid the Cursed Tomb Treasure Map.

How To Solve Cursed Tomb Treasure Treasure Map In Hogwarts Legacy

The solution to this one isn’t too far. You need to head North to the center area of the map, where the North begins to join the South. There’s a fast travel point here called the Tomb of Treachery. That’s the tomb you are looking for. Getting to the end of the tomb is simple enough, basic puzzles.

When you get there you need to cast Flipendo on the stone panels to match the panels from the map. The bottom left, bottom right, and top center. That will solve the puzzle and reveal the treasure chest.

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During the Ghost of our Love side quest you get a treasure map showing some floating candles. In this Hogwarts Legacy Ghost Of Our Love Guide we’ll tell you everything you need to know to solve the interesting treasure map puzzle as you need to find a specific location that isn’t overly close to where the quest started.

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