How To Make Money FAST In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Make Money FAST In Hogwarts Legacy

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Using a simple trick you can earn lots of cash in Hogwarts Legacy. This guide on How To Make Money FAST In Hogwarts Legacy explains a couple of methods you can use to farm Magical Beasts so you can be making thousands of gold in just 10 minutes.

Using this method requires one thing, you must have unlocked the Nab Sack. You unlock this through following the main story until Deek and Mrs Weasley inform you about the Room of Requirement. A few quests after that Deek will explain to you about capturing Magical Beasts. Once you have completed that quest, you can start earning tons of money real fast.

How To Make Money FAST In Hogwarts Legacy

You want to head to the Puffskein Den just South West of Hogsmead, just North East of the fast travel point at the Southern tip of the Forbidden Forest. Once here, approach the Puffskein slowly and gather them up. Make sure you change the difficulty in the settings menu to Story, this removes the mini-game required to catch the Puffskein’s and makes this much faster. Once you have caught them all, hop on your broom and travel a short distance South West to some ruins. Land. Open your map, follow the prompt in the button right to Wait. This changes the time of day.

Return to the Puffskein den and they would have all respawned. Rinse and repeat this process until your Nab Sack is full. Once it’s full, head to Hogsmead and go to the Brood and Peck shop. Here you can sell all of the Magical Beasts you’ve caught.

Mandrake is a rare ingredient you need for Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1. In this guide on Where To Find Mandrake In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll tell you of a location where you can find three Mandrake so that you’re able to complete the quest objective to use a Mandrake on multiple enemies.

You find a LOT of gear in Hogwarts Legacy, so space is very limited. This guide on How To Increase Inventory Bag Space In Hogwarts Legacy will explain the mechanics behind increasing how much you can carry as it’s not simply a matter of buying a bigger bag, there are specific challenges you must complete.

Mallowsweet is an item required to start the Merlin Trials. In this guide on Where To Get More Mallowsweet In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll explain how you can find more as each Merlin Trial costs a single Mallowsweet and you’re only given a few at the start of the game, so you will run out quickly.

During the Ghost of our Love side quest you get a treasure map showing some floating candles. In this Hogwarts Legacy Ghost Of Our Love Guide we’ll tell you everything you need to know to solve the interesting treasure map puzzle as you need to find a specific location that isn’t overly close to where the quest started.

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