What To Do With The Metal Symbols On The Floor In Hogwarts Legacy

What To Do With The Metal Symbols On The Floor In Hogwarts Legacy

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Have you come across one of these random symbols on the floor in Hogwarts Legacy? Check out this guide to find out What To Do With The Metal Symbols On The Floor In Hogwarts Legacy. This way you can gain some extra loot and gear from the treasure vaults.

What To Do With The Metal Symbols On The Floor In Hogwarts Legacy

While exploring the world you may have come across these random symbols on the floor. The symbol is important because it tells you what spell to use. But before you do that, you need the key to unlock the symbol. You are looking around the area for a cube with a similar symbol on it. Use Revelio to help find it.

These cubes can be anywhere and I’ve even had to go about 100 yards away from the symbol to find one. Upgrade Revelio to help you find the cubes easier. Once you find it, you need to move it back to the symbol on the floor using movement spells. When the cube and symbol on the floor meet, use whatever the spell is on the cube to open up the treasure vault. You can now head inside and start a fight or get some loot.

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