How To Place Items In House Chest In Hogwarts Legacy

How To Place Items In House Chest In Hogwarts Legacy

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All of the houses in Hogwarts Legacy come with a unique House Chest in their dormitory. This guide on How To Place Items In House Chest In Hogwarts Legacy explains how the system works as you can only deposit very specific items, items that are not available to find until you complete a certain side quest.

How To Place Items In House Chest In Hogwarts Legacy

You need to follow the main story until you have the Main Story Quest “Regroup with Professor Fig”. At this point, check the courtyard in Hogwarts and you will see a black icon depicting a side quest in the area. In that side quest another student talks about these locked cabinets scattered throughout the castle.

You’re then sent on a mission to unlock one of these cabinets. It’s a very simple quest, just follow the objective markers. It will teach you that you need to find these flying bug-like keys. Once found, you can then follow the flying key to a nearby House Cabinet. Once you open your first House Cabinet you will get a special item, these are the only items you can place in your House Chest. There are 16 to find in total.

Once you have completed that quest, the rest of the flying keys will appear all over Hogwarts so you can continue finding the items and adding them to your House Chest.

During the Ghost of our Love side quest you get a treasure map showing some floating candles. In this Hogwarts Legacy Ghost Of Our Love Guide we’ll tell you everything you need to know to solve the interesting treasure map puzzle as you need to find a specific location that isn’t overly close to where the quest started.

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