How To Find & Catch Kecleon In Pokemon Go

How To Find & Catch Kecleon In Pokemon Go

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Kecleon has finally arrived in Pokemon Go and can be found hidden at certain Pokestops. In this guide on How To Find & Catch Kecleon In Pokemon Go we’ll break down the process of finding this brand new Pokemon as well as some tips on how you can find it.

Following the recent Community Day event in Pokemon Go, developers Niantic have finally released the hugely popular Pokemon, Kecleon. A Pokemon that has been requested and discussed for months as it’s one of the last few to be added from that regions Pokedex.

How To Find & Catch Kecleon In Pokemon Go

The new event to catch a Kecleon is now live in all regions, and all regions work the same. You can only catch a Kecleon from a Pokestop. As you are exploring your normal routes in Pokemon Go, interact with every Pokestop you see. You will eventually get a message that an invisible barrier is blocking the Pokestop.

There is another clue here, as shown in the image at the top of the post. The color-changing Pokemon Kecleon is invisible when interacting with the Pokestop, but you can always easily spot the jagged red tail-like graphic on the Pokestop, surrounded by a feint outline of the Kecleon, as if it’s camouflaged on the Pokestop.

Once you have spun the Pokestop, press on the Keclon to make it move, close it and return to the overworld. As long as you are still nearby, Kecleon will appear and be able to be caught. Make sure you are still standing very close to the Pokestop. When we caught ours even 10-15ft down the road, the Pokemon didn’t appear. So make sure you remain close.

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