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New Region Now Available in Path of Titans

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The world of Alderon Games’ Path of Titans now includes the Gondwa region.

A chain of islands, the Gondwa region not only provides lush grounds for dinosaurs to roam, but also introduces skies and seas for Path of Titans’ new aquatic and aerial creatures. Creatures include the pterosaur Thalassodromeus and the plesiosaur Kaiwhekea.

Learn more with the trailer below, featuring Robert Irwin. Not only is he the son of the legendary Crocodile Hunter, he is also a devoted conservationist and TV personality in his own right.

Path of Titans: Gondwa Gameplay Trailer – Featuring Robert Irwin

Other updates to the game include improvements that integrate different features of Unreal Engine 5. The photography system now features additional functionality and greater stability, while Waystones and transporting friends have been simplified. Finally, gameplay mechanics have been added to maintain balance and prevent abuse or exploitation.

The game is now available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC (via Windows, Mac, and Linux), and mobile (iOS and Android).

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The world of Alderon Games’ Path of Titans now includes the Gondwa region.

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