EV charging outfit Wallbox says it's going all-in on Amazon Web Services cloud

EV charging outfit Wallbox says it’s going all-in on Amazon Web Services cloud

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Amazon Web Services Inc. has rolled out yet another big customer that has decided to go all-in on its cloud infrastructure platform.

In a move announced today at AWS re:InventWallbox Chargers S.L., a leading provider of electric vehicle charging devices and management systems, said today it will move all of its design and manufacturing platforms, device and grid-management systems and customer-facing applications to AWS.

Wallbox said that by doing so, it will be able to take advantage of numerous capabilities, including analytics, compute, databases, software containers and security, to aid in the research, development, manufacture and deployment of its EV chargers and infrastructure. The company believes that moving to AWS will help accelerate the adoption of electric cars by providing superior charging capabilities to its customers and helping them return excess energy back to the grid.

The main advantage of running everything on AWS is a big increase in operational efficiency, Wallbox said. In addition, it will take advantage of AWS services that allow it to deliver improved analytics and better customer service, it said.

For instance, Wallbox’s residential compact charging system Pulsar Plus will be able to take advantage of Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and AWS Graviton instances to tap into more scalable and cost-effective compute capacity. It said it believes it can reduce its overall information technology infrastructure costs by up to 70% in this way.

The company will also use Amazon Kinesis to gather, process and analyze real-time streaming data to continuously monitor the status of its residential and public EV chargers in 113 countries around the world. Using the insights from that analysis, it will then be able to adjust and optimize settings to provide faster and more efficient charging.

Finally, Wallbox said, it will leverage Amazon’s machine learning services to aid its manufacturing operations. For instance, it will be able to identify possible mechanical failures in its machinery and prevent downtime by scheduling maintenance. Other benefits for its manufacturing operations include better production forecasts, improved capacity planning.

Chief Executive Enric Asunción said EV adoption is playing a key role in helping the world transition to renewable energy. “AWS provides us with the underlying infrastructure we need to develop and globally deliver intelligent charging infrastructure and energy-management solutions, as well as the ability to open new pathways that harness the flow of energy through the grid,” he said.

Just a day earlier, AWS scored another big customer win with the news that the geospatial intelligence firm Descartes Labs Inc. was migrating its entire IT infrastructure to its cloud.

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