Where To Find All Yellow Black Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Where To Find All Yellow Black Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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If you want to hunt down all the legendaries, you need to find the stakes. This guide on Where To Find All Yellow Black Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will tell you the location of every Yellow Stake, where to find the appropriate Shrine, and what encounter you can expect at the end.

Where To Find All Yellow Black Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Yellow Stake Location #1

Near a small pond and overlooking the town in the distance, this Yellow Stake rests on the side of a cliff.

Yellow Stake Location #2

Another Yellow Stake resting on the side of a cliff

Yellow Stake Location #3

On a small cliff near one of the Watchtowers and some ruins

Yellow Stake Location #4

There’s a huge crater here with a strange, single piece of land protruding from the middle. You can find this one atop that pillar.

Yellow Stake Location #5

Right behind the gym in this town there is a small pond. On the other side of the pond, behind a tree, this stake is hiding.

Yellow Stake Location #6

A tiny crevice between the two rock faces at ground level, this stake hides between the two

Yellow Stake Location #7

There’s a small pond here up on the cliffs. South of the pond and on the ground level, there’s an entrance to a small cave that passes through. You can find the Stake inside the cave.

Yellow Stake Location #8

On the second to last-tier waterfall, there’s a tiny green bit on a rocky outcrop. You can find this stake there.

What Are Yellow Stakes For?

What Are Yellow Stakes For
Much like the other colored Stakes found in Paldea, the Yellow Stakes are used to open a certain shrine, a colored door that is barred by 4 chains. If you study your history at the Academy you will learn of a greedy king and some relics, that pertains to the legendary Pokemon of Paldea. Once you have found all 8 stakes of one color, you visit that colors shrine. In the case of the Yellow Stakes, that shrine is the Ice Rend shrine.

Once it’s opened and you touch it, you will be able to battle and catch the legendary Pokemon,

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