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NFT platform, art collective launch collaboration in aid of Ukraine

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Non-fungible token (NFT) platform laCollection has launched a series of collaborations with international artists to raise funds for Ukrainian cultural institutions, including the Odessa Fine Arts Museum, the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute.

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Fast facts

  • The initiative with United Artists for Ukraine, an art collective led by the artists Marina Abromovic and Ron Arad, aims to “raise vital funds and awareness for Ukrainian cultural institutions and cultural projects in Ukraine severely impacted by the ongoing war,” according to their statement. 
  • In July, UNESCO reported that 162 sites of cultural significance have been partially or completely destroyed by the war in Ukraine.
  • The initiative consists of a series of NFTs designed by Ukrainian artist Irina Ozarinskaya which act as membership cards, enabling private visits to the studios of artists involved in the collective and other events. 
  • The NFTs feature graphic portraits of 10 prominent artists, including Jean-Michel Basquiat and Paul Cézanne. 
  • The initiative has been organized by Franco-English art foundation The Hexagon Society, first launched in the wake of Brexit to promote European culture in the United Kingdom. 
  • The NFT artworks are on auction until Dec. 31, and can be purchased on their website.

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