God Of War Ragnarok Fruits Of Industry Treasure Map Guide

God Of War Ragnarok Fruits Of Industry Treasure Map Guide

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A treasure map called Fruits of Industry can be found on Svartalfheim. This God Of War Ragnarok Fruits Of Industry Treasure Map Guide will tell you exactly where you can find the treasure map and also give you all the information you need to solve the puzzle so you can dig up the treasure and claim your reward.

Treasure Maps in God of War Ragnarok are unique items that can be found while you’re exploring the game world. Once you’ve obtained a Treasure Map you can investigate it from the Goals menu under Treasure Maps. It provides a single clue, usually an image of a location or object that you must find in order to solve the Treasure Map Puzzle.

God Of War Ragnarok Fruits Of Industry Treasure Map Guide

You can find the Treasure Map here in Svartalfheim. You cannot reach this area until you have progressed far enough into the story to obtain Kratos’ spear. You can then access this area by using the spear to climb up the wooden structure at Dragon Beach. Follow the path through the ruins and, at the end, you find the Treasure Map.

You can find the solution to this Treasure Map on a small island West of Dragon’s Beach, just North of Modvitnirs Rig. There is a tiny beach here next to a huge crane. There’s an enemy so be prepared to fight after you dock. Once you kill the enemy you will easily spot the disturbed sand nearby.

And that’s everything you need to find and solve the Fruits of Industry treasure map.

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