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Halo Infinite Winter Update Launch Trailer Released

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Halo Infinite’s largest feature update yet, learn more about the winter update now available for 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios’ title with its launch trailer.

Bringing new content, numerous bug fixes, and several new features, this update to Halo Infinite is substantial.

The new Network Co-Op functionality will allow up to four players to play through the entire Halo Infinite Campaign with one another. In addition, main story missions and all side objectives like Outposts, Targets, and Marine Events now have the ability to be replayed.
For the Achievement hunters out there, this winter update to Halo Infinite brings 24 new Achievements for an additional 420 Gamerscore. Forge mode is also making its way to Halo Infinite, allowing players to craft new multiplayer maps and game modes that can then be shared with others via the Community tab.

Finally, changes have been made with the Match XP beta and improvements to Weekly Challenges. In the case of the former, this system will reward players for their performance in every matchmade multiplayer game. Meanwhile, the Weekly Challenges make them more “general” and reduces the overall number from 20 to 10.

See it for yourself with the trailer below:

Halo Infinite – Winter Update Launch Trailer

Source: Halo Waypoint, YouTube

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