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The Pinball Wizard Launching October 27

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A dizzy dungeon crawling adventure awaits when Frosty Pop’s The Pinball Wizard comes out for PC and the Nintendo Switch on October 27.

In what could very well be the first dungeon crawler-pinball hybrid (with an arcade adventure game slant thrown into the mix), The Pinball Wizard has the main character propelled into action by a set of flippers. Launched around every which way, each level (read: dungeon) is contained within a tower. The ultimate goal? Get to the top of 21 floors of the tower in one piece.

Modes in this game include Tower mode, Dungeon Mode, and Two Daily Dungeons (featuring a new dungeon each day). One can also unlock and maximize a total of 16 skills in all, which include Dash and Magic Orb.

Learn more with the trailer below:

The Pinball Wizard (Official Game Trailer)

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