Dynatrace's new Grail technology to unify observability data from cloud-native and multicloud environments

Dynatrace’s new Grail technology to unify observability data from cloud-native and multicloud environments

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The observability software firm Dynatrace Inc. is adding a new core technology to its flagship application monitoring platform.

Announced today, Grail is designed to unify observability data from applications with security and business intelligence from both cloud-native and multicloud environments. At the same time, Grail will retain the context of this data to deliver instantaneous, highly precise and cost-effective artificial intelligence-driven insights and automation, the company said.

Dynatrace said Grail will become generally available within the next 30 days. Initially, it will be put to use powering log analytics and management tasks, before being expanded to power development, security and business analytics use cases as well.

Dynatrace is the creator of a software intelligence platform that simplifies enterprise cloud complexity and accelerates digital transformation. With Davis, its AI-based causation engine, Dynatrace provides not only data, but also answers about the performance of software applications, their underlying infrastructure and the experience of end users. The company claims that it can help organizations modernize and automate enterprise cloud operations, release quality software faster and provide optimal user experiences for their users and customers.

With the addition of Grail to Dynatrace’s platform, the company promises that things will get even better. It says multicloud and cloud-native architectures have emerged as the backbone of digital transformation and produce mountains of data. If companies can tap into this data, it could become the Holy Grail for observability analytics, but doing that is a problem. Cloud-based data is siloed, reflecting the diverse ecosystem that creates it.

Dynatrace says teams must structure this siloed cloud data in such a way that it will reflect the questions they expected to ask it in the future. Unfortunately, restructuring data has always been extremely laborious and time-consuming.

“Sprawling and dynamic cloud-native and multicloud environments are an ecosystem of various technologies and services, and the composition changes by the second,” explained International Data Corp. analyst Stephen Elliot. “This paradigm makes it critical for organizations to acquire a platform with advanced AI, analytics and automation capabilities. The platform must be able to ingest all observability, security and business data, put it in an accurate context in real time, and facilitate access to data-backed insights when needed.”

This is exactly what Dynatrace says it has created with Grail — a causational data lakehouse equipped with a massively parallel processing analytics engine that leverages the Dynatrace Query Language to produce context-rich log analytics. At the same time, Grail works in tandem with its other foundational technologies, the company said.

For instance, it can be paired with OneAgent to automatically discover, activate and instrument new applications, microservices and infrastructure, or alternatively be combined with Smartscape to continuously update a company’s full stack topology. Finally, it also works with Davis to process information and generate more precise answers about the performance of key applications.

Holger Mueller of Constellation Research Inc. said multicloud has become a reality for almost all enterprises and so the vendors that help them to manage cloud operations must adjust to this. “They need to create cloud operations management platforms that take advantage of the new infinite computing capabilities of AI, big data and multicloud,” he said. “This is what Dynatrace is doing with its new offering, fittingly named Grail. Let’s hope that the quest for the Dynatrace Grail will be faster than the one for the legendary Holy Grail.”

Dynatrace founder and Chief Technology Officer Bernd Greifeneder said organizations are desperately in need of a more revolutionary approach to observability, security and business data analytics.

“Grail delivers by boosting the Dynatrace approach to causal AI, which retains data-context with precision and at massive scale,” Greifeneder said. “Starting with logs, Grail makes it possible for teams to leverage instant analytics for any query or question, cost-effectively.”

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